Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fashion for Whom?

Much kudos to the designers in the relief effort for wearing a T-shirt that is SO clearly unattractive. I can hardly imagine how much it must affect their reputations as fashion forwards. Although it begets the question, who is the fashion for? Clearly not for the people who are actually in Haiti, since the money doesn't go to getting them fashionable clothing -- which, judging by the photos in the news, they are in desperate need of. And clearly not for the people wearing the t-shirt that looks like it was designed for my 8th grade school field trip (we went to Washington, D.C.).

Whether you're immersed in the world of style or not, it's not hard to tell that a sense of irony is clearly missing from most people's Anschauung. Until now. The shirt is designed to "send a message of hope," but it's not going to be worn where the people who are hopeless will see it (but perhaps that's a good thing). So I find it interesting and perhaps a tad impertinent that they would choose such an obviously cheeky slogan in the wake of a catastrophe relief effort.

On a more positive note, what is that sweater Rachel is wearing? It's simply darling. I have to imagine that Fashion for Haiti would be much more successful if it were re-branded as Chic Sweaters for Haiti. More people would purchase them because they're not ugly (in fact, they're ambrosial) in addition to allowing a higher mark-up which will result in more money to get some nice clothes for the people who cannot yet afford them. I would go as far to say that right now getting more wearable art into Haiti will be the best thing we can do to elevate the spirits of the people there in a time that must have a lot of people depressed.